15 July 2008

BDA completes MUSCo Commercial Partner Selection

BDA, Inventa, PWC, Herbert Smith and London Borough of Southwark Major Projects have together completed an 18 month negotiated EU procurement process to select a consortium of specialist service providers to form a Multi-Utility Services Company (MUSCo) at the Elephant and Castle in London Borough of Southwark, the first of its kind in the UK.

A Dalkia led consortium of Dalkia, Veolia Water and Independent Fibre Networks Ltd will work alongside Master Development Partner Lend Lease to deliver an integrated package of sustainable infrastructure comprising: a district heating and cooling network; a fully reticulated non-potable water system and a fibre optic communications network to every address point within the development.

The MUSCo will provide a low carbon energy supply in the form of heat, cooling and power generated on-site using centralised gas fired CHP plant, biofuel boilers and absorption chillers; non-potable water abstracted from two on-site boreholes and "open access" for all service providers to the fibre optic data network.

The Council have put in place a development framework that includes compulsory connection to MUSCo services and a requirement for all buildings within the core development area to be "dual plumbed" i.e. in addition to the potable water supply system to have a separate system of non-potable water supply within the building. Sustainable water solutions also include the coordinated handling of stormwater across the development and the pursuit of a water inset appointment for the core development area.


14 July 2008

Download analysis and data from Phase 1 of Ashenden Turbine Trial

Follow the link to download the first 6 months of data acquisition analysis and comment.

Phase 2 of the Ashenden wind turbine trial commenced in June 2008. The Proven 6kW HAWT has been moved to a new location further along the building and a second turbine, the Quiet Revolution QR5, installed in its place. Click on the image to the right to view the turbines. Gas Dynamics Ltd and London South Bank University will continue to monitor the performance of the turbines. Data, analyis and comment can be accessed free of charge at the Elephant and Castle website.


10 July 2007

Ashenden Wind Turbine Trial

Following a successful planning application by Brian Dunlop Associates, Southwark have taken the first step towards a low carbon future with the installation of the first of two 6kW wind turbines at Ashenden on the Heygate Estate.

The 6kW Proven horizontal axis machine, the first of its scale to be mounted on a residential block in central London, will be monitored over the course of a year by a team of engineers and scientists from South Bank University and Gas Dynamics Ltd to determine the urban performance characteristics of building mounted wind turbines.

A second vertical axis turbine, the QR5, will be installed later this year.

BDA Director Brian Dunlop says..

"the Council are leading by example. The intention is to document every aspect of this project from procurement and installation through to energy performance of the turbines. All of the data collected during the trial will be made available to planners and developers including the views and experiences of local residents. This knowledge base will be used to inform decisions about the deployment of wind energy technology across the wider Elephant and Castle redevelopment area."

Installers Photon Energy and KCCC Ltd erected the turbine ahead of schedule on 6th June, an event which was attended by Professor Tony Day of London South Bank University and Executive Member for Regeneration Cllr Richard Thomas.